Understanding our Confession

On more than one occasion I have sat in on a Sunday service and heard the “altar call” presented. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an altar call that was Biblical. Too many times did I see people who thought they were “getting saved” fall right back into their old lifestyle and never seen or heard from again. I think that two points need to be made concerning this written work. First of all I set out on this endeavor with this in mind: that I think that there are people in this world who need to reevaluate their profession of faith because they could possibly be in danger of not understanding what transpired when the profession took place and thereby not be regenerate. What I mean by this is that an examination needs to be made by each individual who has professed Christ as their Savior with an understanding of who Christ is, what He has done on the cross, and why He died and, more importantly, what His resurrection has completed in us. The second point, and just as important, is that I am by no means suggesting or implying that I have any idea of who is saved and who isn’t or to assume to have everybody read this work and only then be a bonafide Christian. Only God knows this. I am saying that proclaiming the “magic words” of “forgive my sin and come into my heart” were not meant to be said lightly. It is a serious matter and a reasonable statement that needs to be addressed and evaluated. Christianity is a reasonable faith that must be understood of what is going to take place and what has taken place once the profession has been made. A potential believer needs to have an understanding of what is going on and that the Grace of God is not to be taken cheaply or lightly but to be appreciated at the highest level.

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