A Follow-up on “The Follow-up” Question

It’s interesting to me that writing a blog, even if it is not as often as others, seems to stir up or, probably more likely, God brings to the forefront, an issue that seems to be on the minds of a few. Those few happen to be blog writers. Bobby Jamieson over at 9Marks wrote an article that delves deeper with the question I had raised a couple of days ago of “How Much Follow-up Should a Pastor Do?”

Jamieson brings up a few good points. The first is about the responsibility of the church after a person is made a member and the declaration made to the world that this person is indeed a “”brother” in Christ”. Secondly, the only two ways to leave the church is dismissal or excommunication. The third, probably most relevant to my comparison with my own article, a church shouldn’t accept a resignation from a member who is not going to church regularly.

I would like to hear your comments after reading both articles. Until next time.

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